I saw an ad on Facebook recently.

It said, ‘The Average CEO reads 60 books a year.’

MentorBox Facebook Ad

It ended up being an ad for the subscription service called MentorBox. It delivers popular business books to subscribers every month.

But don’t we have enough of these monthly subscriptions?

We have monthly subscriptions for snacks and dinners, movies, make-up, clothes and now books are on the list. Holy shit.

Every one of these businesses is the ‘Netflix of _____’ fill in the blank.

First of all that headline is a larger than life bold claim.

Your average CEO doesn’t have time to read 60 books a year. They’re too busy operating a God damn business.

If they run a million or billion dollar business, their day-to-day duties include endless meetings, hiring, scaling their business, etc. Just a lot of time consuming activities that honestly aren’t fun.

Most of the time, they start their day before their employees are even up, and they don’t stop working once they’re home. They don’t even have time to eat right, or spend quality time with their own families.

But according to this ad’s sales copy, most of them have time to curl up with a good book? Give me a break!

Trust me, my Dad owned his own business.

Even though he had a bookshelf full of books in his office, he admitted to me that even he didnt read all of them. He also worked 12 hours a day and barely had time for hobbies or friends, much less ONE book.

I honestly think the last book he read was the first Harry Potter book that came out, and he took weeks to finish it. According to him, there were too many characters to remember.

Plus, do you know how much work it is to read more than a book a week?

Let’s say your average book is 200 pages. That’s 40-50 pages a night before it’s onto the next book. After all, your CEO has a 60 book a year quota to hit.

Another thing that seems off about this service is there’s no price listed on the MentorBox site at all.

If you go on Netflix, they will give you the different subscription prices on the home page. For MentorBox, you have to type in your email and become a member before you even get a price. My guess is that involves a lot of email spam.

As I googled this company I noticed something. Guess who owns a good portion of MentorBox?

Tai Lopez

This guy. Yep. Tai Lopez. Most likely, you’ve seen him on a YouTube ad or two.

The guy who happens to have all those books in the same garage as his sports cars. Who’s all about preaching, ‘The more you learn, the more you earn.’

Anyways check out these tweets:

MentorBox Tweet

MentorBox Tweet

Jesus. A 15-year-old kid who pays $80 a month for books? What kind of money is HE making?

Speaking of books. What do libraries cost these days?

What about books on Amazon? Did you know there’s a Kindle Unlimited subscription that is going for $9.99 a month and you can read over a million books?

Anyways, what do I know? I don’t know what CEO’s do, but I guess I just have better things to do with my time.

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